My Mission

Committed to delivering pediatric care in an open, honest, unhurried, and comprehensive fashion to allow each child to live a healthy and happy life.


What Makes Direct Primary Care Different?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) differs from a traditional practice in many ways, but the focus is on quality of care over quantity of care.  I do not bill insurance.  Members instead pay a monthly fee to have easy, direct, and quality access to me. DPC returns medicine to its origins -- when the patient-physician relationship was the focus, not what the insurance company dictated.

DPC allows time for me to really get to know your child and to fully address all patient and parent concerns.  Because the number of patients is limited in the DPC model, most appointments are 30 to 60 minutes long so all your questions can be answered thoroughly.  My goal is to get to the root of a problem and try to understand the cause or causes, and then find the best way to address the issues.  I like to look first at what can be done without medications to allow the mind and body to help heal themselves.

I also like to teach patients about the GREAT importance of nutrition, sleep, hydration, exercise, outside time, and stress management on maintaining health or resolving medical issues.  So many of our current diseases and health problems are the result of poor lifestyle choices.  I want to partner with families from preconception through the college years to help you make the best decisions for your kids. When I am not able to find a solution to a problem, I will help you find the right specialist or community resource for your child and coordinate care with them.  

Why Choose DPC?


Common Questions


Dr. White has served us with care and compassion since the birth of our first daughter in 2012.  She has helped us navigate numerous acute and chronic issues for both of our children with skill and discernment.  Our girls love and trust her as do my husband and I.  Simply the best!

J. S. – Mom of two daughters

Dr.  White is amazing!!  Most kind doctor I’ve ever had, and incredibly thorough.  You can tell she really cares about every single one of her patients, and always goes the extra mile.

S. H. – 22-year-old patient

Dr.  White is the best doctor ever.  She takes her time with every patient and works hard to build a personal connection and show you you’re special.

A. H. – 19-year-old patient

We met Dr. White by chance in the walk-in clinic when our 7-year-old son was very sick.  He’d been in and out of the hospital and was only getting worse.  After seeing Dr. White, having multiple conversations, and her sending us for several tests, we found out our son has a very rare life-threatening illness.  Through her expertise as a physician, she quickly realized we needed more help than we were being given at our local hospital.  Dr. White reached out to several physicians to present our son’s case.  We were immediately referred to a hospital out of state.  Our son is alive today because of the steps Dr. White took to provide the best care possible for our son.  She continues to be right by our side and has never given up!

B. S. – Mom of two sons

Dr. White is the best pediatrician you could ever find.  Up-to-date, intelligent, compassionate, honest.  She will work her hardest to figure out any problem for your children.  I couldn’t possibly imagine a better doctor.

J. H. – Mom of two daughters

We have been incredibly pleased to have Dr. Christine White as our pediatrician.  As a new mom, I have had many questions and concerns.  She is caring, honest, as well as thorough when addressing all of my queries.  Not only has she taken excellent care of my daughter's health, she also has shown interest in my own health as it relates to my child's.  Most importantly, Dr. White is someone who I can really trust to care for my daughter.  In today's world, it is rare to find a doctor who combines outstanding personal care with such quality and trustworthy medical care.  I highly recommend Dr. White!"

A.R. – mom

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